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Meet our Doctor in this Brief Video

Video of Dr. Janelle Louis, ND, naturopathic and functional medicine doctor, describing the life-changing event surrounding her mother's anxiety that led her to pursue naturopathic medicine

Is Focus Integrative Healthcare™ Right for You?

Being in poor health is stressful, frustrating, and makes you feel miserable, hopeless, and inadequate. If you are determined to leave sickness behind, work with us. We are your functional medicine clinic utilizing a naturopathic approach. If you are seeking holistic care that takes the whole person into consideration with a caring, kind, and compassionate doctor and naturopath, give us a call. Our goal at Focus is to educate and empower you to make the best decisions possible for your health. We are committed to finding and treating the cause of your illness while providing unparalleled patient care. Give us a call at (913) 353-6775 or schedule online to begin your wellness journey today!

The Focus Experience

Convenient Location

We’ve made it easy to find us. We’re located near I-35/US69 and JOCO Library. Enjoy plentiful, ADA-accessible parking; private entrance; our spacious, quiet, family-friendly waiting room; and separate exam and treatment rooms.

All-inclusive Programs

No surprises. Join one of our wellness programs to finally regain health and get back to living life without the fear of the unknown. Our all-inclusive programs ensure that you receive the care that you need without unexpected additional costs.

Flexible Patient Scheduling

Schedule when you want to. Book in- office or Telemed visits online whenever you feel the need. We offer convenient evening and weekend appointments. Use our easy scheduling feature or give us a call and we’ll schedule you.

Secure Telemedicine

Meet with your doctor in your pajamas. Access your appointment using your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Unlike Skype or Google Hangout, our HIPAA-compliant platform protects your private health information per U.S. law.

Unparalleled Follow-Up

Communication should be simple. Access your doctor directly to clarify your treatment plan. Our superbly-accessible staff will also gather medical records, help you fill forms, and coordinate your care among providers.

Wellness Connections

Benefit from our wellness connections. Find referrals to high-quality, trusted, often-discounted local services to meet your health needs. Enjoy the relationships we’ve built with the best complementary health partners in KC.

Doctor-Patient Collaboration

Experience patient-centered care. Partner with a compassionate, understanding doctor who was chosen to write questions for the naturopathic board licensing exam (NPLEX) to uncover and treat the root cause of your health concern(s).

Direct Access Care

Cut out the middle-man. Our valued direct care service makes us accountable to you, the patient, and not to any insurance company. You can choose exactly what level of care and procedures you need with no one to tell you “No.”

You want to improve your health. We’re here to help.

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