Comprehensive wellness programs designed by the author of Set On Edge & Optimize Your Body, Heal Your Mind to help you feel better longer…

Hello friend,

As a chronic disease expert, I specialize in helping people like you find live-able, long-term solutions to their obnoxious chronic health problems that don’t include

adding more medications, long-term negative side effects and…addresses all of what’s going on with the whole person (physical and mental).

In your wellness strategy, I’ll take a look at your environment, genetics, mental well-being and of course your lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and specific disease markers using normal and more specialized testing. 

And, I’ll address these factors using professional grade supplementation, lifestyle adjustments, herbal formulas (clients and family tell me they’re really effective. They better be, I spent 4 years and a lot of money learning this stuff so you don’t have to) toxin removal methods and manual therapies.

I need to tell you something… 

I know we just met and it’s kind of a sensitive subject… and maybe way too soon in our relationship but if I was in your place, I’d want to know. 

At the risk of offending you… Here it goes. 

Slowly but surely…day…after…day  Your disease has been stealing from you.  What’s it stealing?


Your life, to be exact. It’s been looting your energy, your focus and your confidence. Robbing you of clear thinking; fast acting; and of being present for life’s most beautiful opportunities. 

And… it’s keeping you from living life the way you want. That’s right! It’s been caught red-handed.

I’m telling you this because, life is short and you don’t need to spend a minute more, suffering. It’s time for you, like the people I work with, to get your life back.

I love to see my clients get back their zest for life. Many of them are able to get rid of pain, boost their energy levels and regain focus on what’s important to them. 

Their confidence, motivation, peace of mind…all improved. Now — it’s your turn. You deserve to live life to it’s fullest. Isn’t it about time you made your health a priority? It’s time to take action.

Keep reading down this page and when you get to the application. Fill it out. Submit it. This could the the start of really living for you.

Yours truly,

What My Clients Are Saying

Meet Dr. Janelle Louis


New Client Process


Please read the doctor’s professional bio and the Frequently Asked Questions section below (This will answer all the basic questions). If you would like to find out if you would be a good fit for our practice, you should then fill out the form below. You may receive an email asking for clarification if there are any questions about your submission. Otherwise, you will be notified about the next step on this page immediately after submission or by email.


If your form is approved, you will receive our direct contact and pricing information as well. Potential clients may also receive an email asking for more clarification. You will have an opportunity to ask our support staff about our services and process. When all questions are answered you will be given the opportunity to schedule a 25 min pre-program appointment where you will speak directly with Dr. Louis by telehealth to ask more specific questions about the approach that will be taken.


Once you’ve submitted the form and pre-program appointment intake form, promptly attended the pre-program appointment, and Dr. Louis and our team approves, you will be invited to enroll in a program, as discussed and recommended during your pre-program appointment. You will be sent program sign-up information as well as the needed documents and the client agreement forms by email. One of our staff will then contact you to schedule your first appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Traditional commercial insurance does not pay for our services. However, you may be able to use your HSA (FSA, or HRA in certain instances. Check with administration) to pay for our services. Please check with your administrator to see if supplements, direct access labs, and/or naturopathic services are covered. We are NOT able to bill Medicaid, Medicare, or other insurances for laboratory testing or services at this time.

Can I attend my appointment via telephone or by a telehealth video consultation?

Yes! We offer telehealth services via our secure, industry-standard, HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing software.


In addition to programs, do you offer apointment-by-appointment pricing for visits?

At our discretion and under special circumstances, we offer per-visit appointments in addition to our programs. However, this would not be appropriate for chronic conditions because of the nature of this type of condition and our long-term solution  approach. Every person with a chronic condition must start out on a program of at least 3 months to insure proper education and consistent progress. 

Will Doctor Louis (pronounced Loo-EE, like Louis XVI, the sun king of France) prescribe my medication?

Doctor Louis will work with you to provide the resources that the body needs along with removing any barriers to healing that exist. She will not provide pharmaceuticals or a script for them. 

I'm ready to get started, what should my next step be?

We’re excited to share the Focus experience with you! When you’re ready to get started, your next step is to fill out the application on this page and submit it.

How long will this application process take?

You can go from submitting the application to your first scheduled appointment in a matter of a few hours to a few days. The speed of your process will depend on how responsive you are to our communications. 

I applied but haven't received an email in 2 business days, what should I do?

Please check your spam and/or junk folder to make sure our email wasn’t put there by your email provider. If you still don’t see an email communication from us after 2 business days then call our office on the 3rd business day to inform us of your problem. All applications submitted after hours will be counted as having been submitted on the following business day. If you don’t reach anyone please leave a detailed message and someone from our team will contact you to help you find a solution. Call us at: 404-532-9548. 

I submitted my application but I need to make corrections or add important information, what should I do?

You can always make corrections, changes or add additional information or cancel your application by writing to . Please write your name and application date in the subject line of the email.

Example: Molly Smith Application Feb 2020

Pre Program Application

Fill this out to find out if you are a good fit for our practice.

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