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Integrative Mental Health (IMH) Program

The Integrative Mental Health Program is a 6-month program that was designed to help people who’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other mental health concerns identify and address the underlying root causes of their concerns so they can get back to living life on their terms.

During the Integrative Mental Health Program you and your doctor take a comprehensive look at your mental and overall health through in-depth assessments, looking at functional values for conventional laboratory testing in various areas of health, and also through using specialty lab testing to look more deeply into areas of your health that most conventional doctors do NOT evaluate.

This is Not Just Your Typical Mental Health Program.

At Focus Integrative Healthcare, we believe that all aspects of your health are interconnected and that you cannot effectively treat any mental health concern if you isolate it from physical health concerns; physical health concerns FREQUENTLY cause and/or complicate mental health concerns and if you’re not looking at the body as a whole, you’re HIGHLY likely to miss something very important.

In addition to taking into account your current state of physical health and addressing any parameters that lab results show to be sub-optimal, the Integrative Mental Health Program takes into account past trauma and the way that experiencing traumatic events, especially during childhood, can change the brain and predispose you to various physical health concerns.

The majority of people who apply for the 6-month IMH Program have mental and physical health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, and more. We use a functional approach to address each individual’s physical and mental health concerns.

What’s Included in the IMH Program

We use a functional medicine approach to address underlying causes of your physical and mental concerns and help you get well sooner using the least invasive and most effective therapies. The IMH Program is an all-inclusive, 6-month program that includes:

Our Unique P7 Protocol™ for Integrative Mental Wellness

During the 6-month IMH Program, you and Dr. Louis, author of Optimize Your Body, Heal Your Mind, will address your health by navigating through the P7 Protocol™ for integrated mental wellness, which includes:

  • Predispositions: address individual genetics and other factors unique to you that may directly affect your mental health in a variety of ways or increase the likelihood of unwanted side effects from any medication you are taking
  • Pathways: address biochemical pathways including neurotransmitter imbalances, glycemic control, thyroid dysfunction, reproductive hormone imbalances, and more for optimal mental wellness
  • Profiles: optimize digestion, address gut health and your microbiome, address inflammation levels, assess for and address heavy metal toxicity and mold/biotoxin illness when present, identify and treat dysbiosis and underlying infections, and address other factors that are frequently overlooked while wreaking havoc on mental health
  • Personalization: construct a personalized dietary and lifestyle assessment in order to lay the foundation for optimal mental and overall wellbeing
  • Panoptic inventory: address physical health concerns, past trauma, and negative emotions that may serve as a barrier to healing
  • Professionals: provide additional support by means of other professionals (psychiatrists, counselors/therapists, massage therapists, etc.) as needed
  • Prescriptions: assist individuals with either tapering off psychiatric medications or integrating them with their naturopathic care

Integrative Mental Health Program FAQs

We offer both in-person and telehealth versions of the IMH Program. This allows individuals who live out-of-state and those whose schedules may not be as flexible to still receive the benefits of improved physical, mental, spiritual, and social health associated with participation in the program.

If you would like additional information about the IMH Program, give our office a call at (404) 532-9548.

Before your first appointment, you need to complete and submit your client agreement and your intake questionnaire. You will receive instructions via email as well as an invitation to the online portal where you will submit your questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding submission, please contact our office as soon as possible, as your questionnaire must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to your first appointment.

You can expect to spend 60 to 90 minutes discussing your health at the first appointment.

As a participant in one of our health programs, you have the option of having your appointments either in-person or via our secure telehealth platform. In preparation for your telehealth appointment, you should access the virtual waiting room at least ten minutes before your appointment time by visiting the link you received via email. Clicking this link will take you to the Focus Integrative Healthcare virtual waiting room, at which time you will be prompted to enter your name so that your doctor knows that you have checked into the waiting room. At your appointment time, your doctor will invite you to your secure video-conference appointment.

The telehealth platform functions optimally on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers (laptop/desktop). Unfortunately, the platform does not currently work with the latest version of Android mobile devices. For this reason, we do not recommend using Android mobile devices for your telehealth appointments at this time.

If you experience technical difficulties when trying to connect for your appointment, you should call the office as soon as possible at (404) 532-9548. Once connected, we will try to assist you in connecting to the telehealth platform. If you are unable to connect or if you call after your appointment start time, we will proceed with your appointment via telephone.

At Focus Integrative Healthcare, we are committed to providing each of our clients with exceptional care. If you cancel without giving enough notice, you are preventing another individual from being seen during your scheduled appointment time. In order to ensure that we make the best use of our time and are able to provide the best care to our clients, we require 48 hours notice received during our normal business hours for canceled or rescheduled appointments. If you fail to notify us of a missed appointment 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time, you will be charged a $98 late cancellation fee. If you attempt to reschedule your appointment without giving 48 hours advance notice, you will be required to pay the $98 fee before your appointment can be rescheduled.


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