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Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program

Body reNEW™ is a doctor-supervised weight management program that takes into account the differences that exist from person to person. The 8-week weight loss program addresses the psychology of food including both social and emotional aspects of eating, the neurochemistry of cravings, and the physiology of weight loss to help participants build a strong foundation for overall wellbeing and maintenance of a healthy weight. Body reNEW™ was designed to help participants lose weight, feel better about themselves, and improve their overall quality of life.

The Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program provides specific instruction on how to adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet, maximize elimination, and build muscle by cooperating with your body instead of working against it. Because toxic substances are frequently stored in our fat and are released into the bloodstream when we lose weight, this program also provides you with nutrients that safely enhance liver and gallbladder function and support the body’s natural elimination and detoxification pathways. The Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program provides you with antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense sample recipes that address cravings, promote wellbeing, and maximize health benefits. It also provides you with detailed education and actionable guidelines on how to implement a plant-based diet and exercise program. With these features and the support and guidance of your medical team, we believe that your weight loss experience will be a successful one.

Body reNEW™ is a doctor-supervised weight management program that takes into account the differences that exist from person to person.

In addition to the three standard supplements that are included in the Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program, your doctor will also decide on a fourth supplement based on your current state of health to help make your weight loss experience a successful one. If you have questions about the Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program, contact us via our contact form, send us an email at, or call us at 913.353.6775 and we will help you decide if the Body reNEW™ Program is right for you.

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Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program Features

  1. Pre-program consultation appointment with doctor
    1. Ensure that this program is safe for you, perform physical examination, provide you with instructions, and answer any questions you may have
    2. Optional: Lab work to uncover hidden causes that may be contributing to weight gain and difficulty losing weight 
  2. High-quality, professional-grade, weight management supplements
    1. Supplements that support you during your weight-loss journey, helping you to lose weight comfortably, healthily, and for good
  3. The complete reNEW™ guide to healthy weight loss
    1. Specific instruction that helps you adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet, maximize elimination, and build muscle by cooperating with your body instead of working against it
    2. Detailed education and actionable guidelines on how to implement an exercise program so that you see changes more quickly in not only your appearance, but how you feel as well
    3. Sample nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich recipes that maximize your health benefits and help you to feel stronger and more vibrant
    4. Resources where you can find additional recipes so you are never out of ideas
  4. Four check-in emails from your doctor during your 8-week program
  5. The Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program also includes these bonuses:
    1. Pre-program grocery shopping guidelines and checklist to get you started on your weight loss journey
    2. Fifteen bonus recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help you lose weight while eating great
    3. Lifetime access to a supportive online community of individuals to encourage and help you along your weight-loss journey
    4. Weekly in-person group meetings throughout the course of the program that provide support and build community
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Body reNEW™ Weight Loss Program FAQs

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You can expect to spend 45 minutes at your Body reNEW™ initial consultation appointment.

For patients living in the state of Kansas, the new patient appointment will be conducted at our Kansas City (Overland Park) location. Patients have the option of having follow-up appointments either in-person or via our telemedicine platform.

In preparation for your telemedicine appointment, you should access the Telemed Portal at least ten minutes before your appointment time by visiting the link you received via email. Clicking this link will take you to the Focus Integrative Healthcare virtual waiting room, at which time you will be prompted to enter your name so that your doctor knows that you have checked into the waiting room. At your appointment time, your doctor will invite you to your secure video-conference appointment.

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