FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program

The FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program was designed to meet the needs of individuals who want expert answers to their questions regarding disease, medication, and natural health, but who are not necessarily looking for a doctor. FOCUSed Answers™ allows members to ask a naturopathic doctor their disease-, natural health-, and medication-related questions on a weekly basis. Each week, the doctors associated with Focus Integrative Healthcare™ post a video answering members’ questions for that week. Members get access to answers to their question and the answers to the other FOCUSed Answers™ members’ questions for the benefit of all. Members also gain access to a private forum where they can connect and discuss with other members if they choose.

Upon registering for the FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program, members receive an email containing information on how to access the members-only area of the site. FOCUSed Answers™ members submit their questions by Wednesday at noon (Central/GMT -6) each week. A doctor will record  and post a video containing responses to the questions in the members-only area of the site before 8 am on the following Monday. Each member is allotted one question per week.

The cost of the FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program is $37 per month. Members may cancel their membership at any time.

FOCUSed Answers™ members can ask any general questions regarding natural health, diseases, or medication. Responses provided by our doctors are educational in nature and do not constitute medical advice. In the event that a question is extremely specific and cannot be responsibly answered without more detailed information, doctors reserve the right to request that the asking individual schedule a one-on-one appointment in order to conduct a complete medical interview with the patient and construct a comprehensive wellness plan. Members should submit questions that are neither too specific nor too broad in order to ensure that they receive satisfactory responses to their questions.

Examples of acceptable questions include:

  • How does hypertension affect kidney function?
  • Does the herb Magnolia interact with aspirin in the body?
  • Does Lavender have anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties?
  • What are your thoughts regarding neurofeedback as a therapy for children with ADHD?

Examples of questions that are either too specific for this forum and will require an individual appointment or too broad and cannot be effectively answered through this medium include:

  • What can I take to improve my kidney function?
  • What are all of the therapies that can help treat lupus?
  • Should I take Kava for my anxiety?
  • Should I undergo chemotherapy or treat my cancer naturally?

Whether they are established patients or not, everyone is eligible to apply for the FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program at any time. If you are interested in joining the FOCUSed Answers™ Membership Program, you may do so by clicking the button below and selecting a membership plan.