Initial Phone Consultation

Our free initial consultations are perfect for individuals who want to ensure that our practice is the right fit for them before becoming established patients.

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Functional Medicine Testing

We offer specialty testing to gain further insight into the causes of fatigue, insomnia, autism, behavioral issues, hormone-related issues, and more.

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Medication Consultation

Medication consultations allow individuals who are not established as patients to construct a plan to decrease their need for and/or their medication.

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Integrative Mental Health Program

The IMH Program helps people with mental health concerns like anxiety and depression feel better sooner using integrative and holistic therapies.

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Naturopathic Appointments

At your naturopathic appointments, your doctor will ask questions, run labs, and construct a custom treatment plan to help you feel well again.

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Lab Review Appointments

Whether you are an established patient or not, you can schedule a lab review to have a doctor explain your lab values in a way that you can understand.

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Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program

Body reNEW™ helps you learn and adopt the health habits necessary to lose weight, feel better about yourself, and improve your overall quality of life.

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Body reFRESH™ Cleansing Program

Body reFRESH™ is a doctor-supervised cleanse and detox program that helps your body remove metabolic waste and helps you look and feel your best.

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Mind reSTORE™ Mental Acuity Program

Mind reSTORE™ was designed to prevent or delay cognitive decline and help you achieve optimal cognitive function, focus, attention, learning ability, and memory.

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Hydrotherapy stimulates the body’s own ability to heal by manipulating the core body temperature and altering the rate of blood flow throughout the body.

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Personalized Formulations

Customized herbal blends enable us to address a variety of health concerns in the way that is most cost-effective and most targeted to your individual needs.

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