Our Doctor’s Functional Medicine Approach

Photo of a functional medicine doctor or practitioner preparing to offer affordable functional medicine services at Focus Integrative Healthcare

Our Functional Medicine Approach: Your state of health is as unique to you as your life experience; there are many circumstances and situations that have led to you becoming who you are today. You’re not the exact same as the next person. So why would a practitioner, a specialist, a clinic, or any other doctors or physicians treat you that way? At Focus Integrative Healthcare, we take a functional medicine approach to healing. Taking a functional medicine approach means that we take into account all of the various factors that can contribute to the suboptimal functioning of your body symptoms and address them. Your doctor will use this information, as well as functional medicine lab testing and other tools, to identify and address the root cause of your illness.

Our Location: Our functional medicine practice serves people in the Atlanta area who are struggling with a wide variety of health concerns. We also offer virtual telehealth appointments through our HIPAA-compliant, secure video-conferencing platform. To learn more about our doctor and our philosophy of healing, click the button below.