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5 Secrets to Finding a Weight Loss Program that Actually Works!

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I recently read a post from someone about how she had spent a considerable amount of money on a certain (popular) weight loss program and had lost all of the weight she had gained! My immediate thought was, “That’s amazing! Good for you!” But then I kept reading. The author of the post went on to say that some time after finishing the weight loss program, she ended up not only back at square one, but she regained all of the weight she had lost and then some.

It’s difficult enough to lose weight, but to lose weight AND keep it off is truly a feat in this age of instant gratification. It’s extremely important to find a weight loss program that actually works and that addresses the psychology of food and eating so that we understand WHY we make the dietary choices that we make and are better able to make healthier and smarter choices. In addition to addressing the psychology of eating, the best weight loss programs, those that bring lasting results, have five other things in common.

Factor 1: Customization

The best weight loss programs are customizable to your individual needs. When it comes to health and to weight management, one size rarely ever fits all. For example, a person who has one of the many conditions that make weight loss difficult would need to address different aspects of their health first in order to get the most out of their weight management programs. The best weight management programs would take each person’s individual state of health into consideration, address what needs to be addressed, and help that individual get into a position to put his or her best foot forward prior to beginning their weight loss program.

Factor 2: Sustainability

The best weight management programs consist of small changes toward a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. It’s extremely difficult to live on 500 calories per day and if that’s what you do to lose weight, then you will definitely lose weight, but you’ll also likely regain all of that weight no sooner than you resume eating a healthy amount of calories. The best weight loss programs are lifestyle changes, changes that, whether or not you like them in the beginning, you could actually continue doing them for the rest of your life if necessary.

Factor 3: Evidence-Based

The best and healthiest weight loss programs aren’t fad diets. In addition to helping you lose weight in a sustainable way, they also come with lots of other health benefits that are supported by extensive scientific research.

Factor 4: Community

The best weight loss programs have an element of community. Whether it’s finding a workout buddy or making dietary changes along with a friend, people who make lifestyle changes in groups and/or have a strong, vibrant, supportive community tend to achieve and maintain their health goals more often than those who lack a strong support system. The ideal weight loss program will connect you with others who are undergoing the same changes as you and can provide you with social support as well as individuals who have done so before you and can help you along the way.

Factor 5: Guidance

The best weight loss programs also connect you with a person or people, preferably a healthcare professional and/or medical team, who understand the human body as well as the changes you are making and their effects on the body and who will guide you along your weight loss journey. They should be there to continuously educate you throughout the process and to answer any questions that you have along the way.

What We Do

Because mental health is one of our specialties here at Focus Integrative Healthcare™, we discuss the psychology of eating extensively in our Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program. This prepares participants in our program to make healthier choices from day to day. We also apply the five principles mentioned above in our program in order to maximize success for our participants. We have both an in-house Body reNEW™ Program here at our practice in Overland Park, KS and an interactive, engaging, supportive Body reNEW™ Virtual Program that can accommodate clients regardless of where they live. If you would like to finally learn how to manage your weight and live your healthiest, happiest life, check out our Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program or find another program that incorporates as many of these principles as possible. I wish you all the best on your weight loss journey!

Note: We are not currently enrolling patients for our Body reNEW™ Weight Management Program. In the meantime, we continue to help patients manage their weight via our Thrive Program.

Author: Dr. Janelle Louis ND
Dr. Louis is a licensed naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner in the Kansas City (Overland Park) area who helps people struggling with mental health concerns, hormonal dysregulation, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic illnesses to feel more energetic, more vibrant, healthier, and happier.
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